“Misplaced Mama”

At this point, I’m convinced we’ve been banished to the pits of victim hood right along with our desperate and nosy neighbors. Only Mama was so much more than them folks. All she had, was given to us. There wasn’t a missing pair of sock that she couldn’t find or a burnt piece of toast she couldn’t scrape back to edible. There was absolutely no way this disaster could’ve transpired under the watch of our superhuman.

Before I can even motion to begin my search for Mama, she emerges from the smoke coughing and gasping for air. My immediate relief pushed me toward her to feel her face for authenticity. Her eyes were cold and far away from me although she was less than a few inches away. Ma began swinging her arms at me as if my intentions were to harm her. My sister used words like stressed, anxiety, pressure and depression. All of which sounded bizarre to me at such a tender age of eight.
I thought maybe we had hidden her withering stands of memory somewhere. Maybe I had misplaced it when I borrowed her ability to love, her passion for compassion, and her eyes to see the good in all things. I couldn’t find anything she had given us. On the contrary, I ended up with all the things she fought hard to never gift us.
The hospital visit day came and my nerves were pop locking all inside my chest. I stood outside Mama’s room for about five minute. No blankets, No pillows, No lights. We filled the hallway and just waited. Nurses walked in and out that room, and we all just waited.


Behind The Scenes Of The Black Woman!

She ranges from sweet to sugar. Her walk has been influenced by her desperation. She prevails amidst the hunt for her king. Her curls and coils bounces with every rejection. When her man wants, she delivers. She works double hard for nothing. Dipped and Drenched in stigma, embedded in ill will. Still she blends and bends, effortlessly committing to her very demise. This life, that wants her so badly to fold. This world that wants HER but detests HER. She cant speak, her tongue has been deemed bitter….


The black woman.

The black woman stands as tall as her broken allows her. She has been told to sit in the back of the bus for so long that she blends in with the shadows. They desire what keeps her together. They break her walls and her world. Abuse, misuse and torture her king.

She beams and breeds life. Her story goes unpublished each day as she flips the pages of her own written book. She bred and fed the very tongues that rose up against her. She is fierce and comes to terms with her proud. angry, you say. However, she is passion in its purest form. Her red white and blue is her new black. Her honey knows no bounds. Blisters and wounds, her lips pierced for their beauty. Love, unwanted. King, they’ve hunted. She’s dark and light at the same time.