The unfinished race

 I have imprisoned my deepest thoughts and held my fears captive on the inside

Its so easy to resemble strength to the world, since people are almost never really concerned with your inner conditions. If ever asked, I couldn’t possibly reveal them. My weaknesses shouldn’t define me. However, I live in a world where my ability to rise up against my shortcomings will ultimately label me a “functioning human being”. You are to try and try again for as long as it takes, and you mustn’t ever complain or beat yourself up along the way. Otherwise, you are labeled weak or broken. You are celebrated for beating the odds, honored for overcoming life’s trials and tribulations, make headlines whenever you accomplish anything society has deemed impossible for you.

I commend those that can openly confess their fears along the road. Unfortunately, there aren’t any committees set in place to root for the lost or the broken along the road. Its either you’ve made it or shut the hell up already. There’s no in between. Had I ever openly conversed about such things, my very mind would incriminate me for years to come.