You Haitian??

via Photo Challenge: Heritage

Cambridge dictionary describes the word heritage as features belonging to the culture of a specific society.  The good news is these days, you don’t even have to identify with a certain ethnic background to borrow from someone’s heritage. Traditionally, the world was divided and amidst this division was unity in a way. Everyone knew who they were and accepted it. Depending on how you were brought up, traditions meant a lot. A few times out the year, your family would do things that made other people question you guy’s sanity. Well at least, in my family it did.

“Hey whats your background?” says some human person.

“I’m Haitian.”

“Wow you were born in Haiti?”


“Oh, okay so you’re American and your parents are Haitian?” they’d ask as if they’ve finally got me figured out.

“No. I’m Haitian.”

maxresdefault (1)

This conversation then transpires into some amateur history lesson where I’m quizzed on the entire historical background of Haiti. Completely unrelated but, I see no one walking around questioning the Jews on their authenticity when majority of them are born here. Nonetheless, I digress.

Apparently, I am not Haitian enough in society’s eyes. Heritage was the prompt, but I got tired of writing so enjoy this neat little story about how messed up people are bro. Also, enjoy the photo of some well-known non-Haitian entertainers representing the Haitian Heritage.


6 thoughts on “You Haitian??

  1. I completely empathise with this!
    I’m a Chinese Australian – and when I was at work one time, this elderly Asian lady told me I wasn’t ‘Asian enough’ because I didn’t have a great grasp of Mandarin.
    Which is incredible – because cultural identity is not defined by specific parameters like language or historical knowledge.
    I think it is important to understand that people’s boundaries around our identity don’t necessarily have to become our own!
    If you’re culturally Haitian – then own that!!!

    • I’d first like to say Wow to your background. How in the world did that happen? LOL It’s a very beautiful mix for sure though.
      Glad to see someone can relate. It gets tiresome having to prove my Haitian-ness when my entire home life was like being raised in Haiti.
      I AM Haitian & you my new friend ARE Chinese Australian! No matter what they say, we know who we are.

      • For sure!
        I think as the world becomes increasingly diverse, this problem will slowly dissipate 🙂
        we exist in such a beautiful time where we can see this process occur, and be pioneers within it!

      • True! Score 1 for the mentally progressive! I kid you not, its more mixed raced these days than ever before. People have to catch up with love. Its happening whether they accept it or not. Love knows no boundaries.

      • 100%
        You’re on the same page as me!
        Its no longer about race and racism – we know different races exist!
        Its about equality now!!

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