wholeheartedly shattered

Where the shadows of my laughter stands tall and the scent of my desires grow potent is where I long to be

Where the magic of my prayers and the commitment to my smile resides, is where I haven’t been in a while

Even when they hear the gossip of my nightmares, will they accept me

When the windows of my innocence are shattered, may they never forget me

what if my love one day soon wants to join them

what if love wants more than I can give

whether I left them or they left me, I cant answer that.

I do know that they’ve left and I had to build me up

only to be shattered by the harsh reality of my missing pieces

They do not call nor do they check in

you may ask how does one exist with so much missing pieces

when you’re wholeheartedly shattered, the spaces begin to grow on you…….literally.


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