Im screwed!

“The more time you spend figuring out ways the world is gonna screw with you, the more you end up finding.”

I just turned 18 about two weeks ago and I was expecting life to be so much more than it was when I was 17. I mean I was merely a child just two weeks ago, and now I am an adult. I don’t think I’ve ever thought so much about what the future holds for me as much as I have these past two weeks. Its like the walls are caving in on me and I’m running out of breathing air. The constant voices in my head reminding me every second that my life is okay. By okay I mean so many different things; off track, lopsided, backwards, upside down, purposeless. It’s like I have this supernatural force against my success and happiness. There is DEFINITELY¬†something out there working against everything good in my life. I’m not yet sure what the beef is between me and the universe. You know what? I will not stop until I find out what this world has against me…..


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